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Dubuque Senior Gets Hosed At State Tournament After Horrible Call By Ref Right At The End


Reader E-mail-

Here’s an article and video of an Iowa high school state basketball game that just finished tonight between Des Moines Valley and Dubuque Senior. People on twitter are freaking out because of the call that was made that ultimately cost Senior to lose the game. Check it out for yourself.

PHANTOM CALL!  What the hell was that?  How does the ref not swallow his whistle in that situation?  You can’t make that call.  You just can’t.  Was it a foul?  I don’t maybe but not enough to call it in the waning seconds of OT when a kid just drained a game-tying shot. And yeah, refs are supposed to call a game the same in the 4th quarter as they would in the 1st quarter but I’m pretty sure everybody knows that’s bullshit.  Every ref switches their style in some way at the end of a game.  That’s just a fact.  Somebody needs to launch an investigation into that ref.  Guy is definitely on the take.  That’s of course assuming there’s an underworld of Iowa high school basketball gambling and I’m sure there is.

Twitter people: