The Summer Of Weirdos Continued In NYC With A Guy Clipping A Woman's Toenails On The Subway

I saw this video the other day but must have pushed it to the back of my mind in an effort to forget it. But it bubbled back up this morning so now you all have to suffer with me. This has to be one of the most outrageous moves I have ever seen on a subway and that is obviously saying something. It is bad enough to be stuck in that sweltering pit of a subway stop during a heatwave when all you can hope for is that rush of dirty subway air likely filled with rat hair because it means your “oasis” of a train chock full of shitty recycled AC is coming. But to then walk into said train and see some dude clipping toenails like it’s no big thing is a bridge to far. The last thing I need on a soul-crushing commute to work is shrapnel from someone else’s toenail going directly into my eyeball.

And it’s not even like this guy is clipping his own toenails. He’s clipping SOMEONE ELSE’S TOENAILS. Toenails are one of those body parts that is ugly no matter who has them. Like I bet even Emily Ratajkowski’s toenails are gross underneath a thin layer of nail polish. I don’t care if you’re Rex Ryan and you want to suck one someone’s foot for hours like it’s an Everlasting Gobstopper. Nobody should be caressing another person’s bare foot in the subway, let alone clip off a bunch of toenails. If you are clipping someone else’s toenails, you better be Asian, wearing a mask, and talking shit about all the people around you in a different language above the ground. And you knowwww that this guy did not pick up every toenail that he clipped. There are stragglers after every trimming when you are not on a moving train rifling through a tunnel. Clean it up people. Jesus Christ.