Power Move By The Republican National Convention To Have Former President George Washington Give A Speech

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via Gawker (still in business? Good for them! Big day for coming back from the dead)




Perhaps the biggest power move in history right here. In fact, I’m not sure anything else that’s ever been called a power move qualifies any longer. The RNC is have George Washington the motherfucking gawd give their opening speech. I don’t know who’s running their PR but I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative, black or white, dead or alive… you gotta tip your cap to this one. People think your candidate is insane? People think he’s dividing the country? Well guess what, good ol George W the original is here to chop those concerns down like a motherfucking cherry tree. You think Trump is a tyrant? The General knows tyrants and he says this man is no tyrant. You think Trump is going to ruin freedom or destroy the country? The guy who invented those things disagrees. Goddamn I love this so much. George Washington. George motherfuckin’ Washington! That’s a good get right there. A great get. Trump picked up a vote from me today because I’m not one to argue with a Founding Father.