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Today In Tour De France Idiocy: A Bunch Of Dudes Wearing The Borat Mankini

We can add the Borat mankini to the growing list of nonsense from this year’s Tour de France, alongside the dick and balls on the road and the horse rider from yesterday. And while I think we can all agree that basically every Borat joke, including the mankini, has been beaten to death, it actually does play here. Because having all this random ridiculousness just pop up out of nowhere is the best thing to happen to the Tour de France since Lance Armstrong was stacking up yellow jerseys and slinging his yellow bracelets. The Tour de France is almost becoming Must Watch just to see what happens next. Will a chick show her tits? Will we see someone on the side of the road put someone through a flaming table? A dude running around onf fire? I’m not sure. But if someone in the Tour de France’s marketing department decided to make the broadcast of a bunch of people riding a bike into the Arizona State free throw shower curtain surprise, that person deserves a raise and a promotion.
*Yeah I know Must Watch was a little extreme. More like “Should watch when someone blogs it”. But the excitement is still there if you have the Tour de France on in the background and can rewind live TV.

Update: Annnnd Trent beat me to this by three minutes. Just a couple of big boned bloggers that love The Wire, hugs, and Tour de France shenanigans. Who will post the next Tour de France blog first? Make sure to tune into Barstool Sports [dot] com to find out!

h/t @__nuggz__