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Malware Called 'Hummingbad' Infecting And Slowly Killing Millions Of Androids

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BBCUp to 10 million Android smartphones have been infected by malware that generates fake clicks for adverts, say security researchers.

The software is also surreptitiously installing apps and spying on the browsing habits of victims.

The malware is currently making about $300,000 (£232,000) a month for its creators, suggests research.



Yep, this is what you get you green-text psychopaths. Don’t want to use an iPhone like the rest of the civilized world? Want to be cool and edgy and different? Want to be unique? Good. Good job. Now you’ve got some unique, edgy malware raping the inside of your phone. Downloading a billion apps a day. Draining the life and the battery out of your most prized possession while you sleep. While you eat. While you right-swipe babes (anyone under 200 lbs) on Tinder. If you didn’t learn during the dot-com era that all non-Apple electronic devices will become unusably infected with viruses due to your mischievous downloading habits, then you’re an idiot and you deserve malware. I don’t feel good about your misfortune but I do believe you deserve it.


PS – Funny story. My buddy and I were texting about a friend moving to China one time and when he typed “Asian” into his Android it autocorrected it to “Droid.” We now refer to Asians as Droids which sounds racist but it’s not. It’s just a little inside joke that’s made us closer. He’s a good guy.