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Brandon Jennings Announced His Number With The Knicks Via The Worst Photoshop Ever


Inspiration for the Knicks tweet from a few days earlier:

Look at Brandon Jennings giving a shoutout to the common man with this tweet. Not everybody “went to school for graphic arts” or “wants to pay hundreds of dollars for Photoshop” or “is smart enough to pirate Photoshop”. Some of us just like to dabble in MS Paint for about 30 seconds and then call it a day. It’s kind of like making your mom a birthday card using construction paper instead of going to the store and buying a $10 Hallmark card that plays her favorite song or some shit. One is a little rough around the edges and from the heart while the other is likely from some cold, faceless corporation. Jennings’ tweet shows that we are turning a corner in America where everything doesn’t have to be neat and pretty. And as someone that has never ever been mistaken foreither, I welcome that America.


Oh fuck you guys.