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SADDDDDDDD. So Sad he didn’t even bother to call Dwyane Wade during his free agency. So sad he had D-Wade take pay cuts basically every year to build super teams and then when there was the flexibility to pay him he said screw.






This is the other side of the D-Wade to the Bulls decision. It’s seemingly the end of the Miami Mafia. The Pat Riley can bring anyone to the Heat aura. Pat wants everyone to fly above it because he knows he’s the guy that probably comes out looking the worst in this situation. It’s all a business, and business decisions get made every day, but don’t be shocked if free agents see this, see the way the Heat treated D-Wade in the end and say fuck that guy, he’ll kick me to the curb the second I’m not “worth it”. The NBA isn’t the NFL in that respect. Guys like Kobe get treated like royalty till the day they leave. Pat Riley is a ruthless, genius, businessman, but it would be crazy to think this isn’t bad for at least the optics of that business.


Now let’s check in on Hassan Whiteside.