I Love Harry Potter Playing a Neo-Nazi To Shed That Harry Potter Stigma


A lot of actors get that one life-changing role and from then on are only known as that character. It could be in a bad way, such as how Dustin Diamond is only known as Screech or how Jaleel White is only referred to as Urkel. It can also be a good role, such as how Jesse Eisenberg is routinely called Zuckerberg or Tobey Maguire is Seabiscuit. It takes a lot to break out and not be typecasted after roles like that, which is why Daniel Radcliffe is doing the sensible thing and playing a neo-Nazi. It doesn’t get more “I’m not Harry Potter” than that. He could have continued making wizard movies until the day he died and made an absolute killing doing it, but he is branching out and playing a Nazi is clearly the way to get out of the Harry Potter demographic. Kinda like how Miley wanted to break free of Disney so she started doing tons of drugs and going tits out for the boys, Daniel is turning in his invisibility cloaks for swastika tattoos. The only downside to this is now all anyone is going to say is “hey, did you see Harry Potter is a nazi now?”. Minor downside, I guess.