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Fight On The Metra Quiet Car Is The Whitest Fight Of All Time


“The Rules are to be QUIET!”


Well that was the whitest fight of all time. Polos, ruffled fleeces, quiet car rules, people name dropping their influence on the board of trade, everything.


I guess my only complaint is that the big guy didn’t let the other guy finish counting down to 1. How can you do that? Like if someone is going to say they’ll give you until the count of 5 you have to let them go all the way. Otherwise that’s a throat slitting 100 times out of 100 times, quiet car or not.




Love this guy. Say you’re going to murder someone, try to fight people on the quiet car, but don’t you dare say Kike. That’s not a word we use bro, WAY over the line.




h/t Jack