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You'll Never Believe This But The Bulls Are About To Get Used By Dwyane Wade Again




And here I was thinking that signing Rajon Rondo, a guy with hollow stats that makes no sense for the current Bulls situation was the most Gar/Pax move of all time. Nope! We get to have Dwyane Wade use the Bulls as a bargaining tool for more money in Miami again! Yes this has already happened, that’s how stupid the Bulls FO is. Every few years Dwyane says “I want more money but I need a sucker to drive my price up”, then he calls his good friends in Chicago, says he’s thinking about coming home and boom, deal done. We’re like the idiot friend that gets invited to a poker game because someone is late on rent. Just have Gar come through for some texas hold em and we’ll take his money and pretend to like him, it will be great!


Fucking unreal this is occurring again. Is this like the Meow bet in Super Troopers? The Front Office is seeing how many stupid things they can do without actually getting fired? What kind of hijinks are going on at the United Center right now? And you know what the worst part about this is? Dwyane Wade could actually maybe sign here. If he doesn’t feel like winning and just wants a pay check, he could do it, he could hitch himself to this shit show of a franchise. Can you imagine? Getting a 34 year old guard with bad knees, just good enough to keep the Bulls in that dreadful 2-5 seed range, and just bad enough to never win anything? Fuck everything man, these guys have no clue what they want to do. Every single day the plan seems different and I know how it will all end. 42-48 wins and a first round exit. Brutal