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Mets Fan Heckles Giancarlo (Mike) Stanton, Stanton Promptly Hits A Ball 119 MPH Into Another Galaxy



*Packs up his stuff and leaves*

Fantastic. Even as a Mets fan I can admit that was fantastic. Particularly because I know better than to chirp at Mike Stanton. (His name is Mike. You dont get to flip flop between your name and your middle name all willy nilly. He was Mike for like 90% of his life. His daddy call him Mike, I’mma call him Mike. You know his full name is also Giancarlo Mike Cruz Stanton? So when he decides he wants to go by Cruz Stanton are all you puppets gonna just call him that too? Actually I probably would because Cruz Stanton is a dope ass name but the point remains. The name changing is ridiculous.) I know hes had a down year and with injuries the past couple seasons he has yet to put together that full season of colossal baseball, but I’m smart enough to know that any given at bat he’s capable of blasting a ball 119mph into the Milky Way. Hes quite simply not overrated. Thats not the correct term to describe Mike Stanton and he will correct you if youre doing so in a matter of seconds.

Only option you have after a facial like that is to pack up your shit and leave.

PS – The fact that 119 mph is the second fastest batted ball this season is nuts. But this 120 mph Trout laser makes perfect sense.

PPS – As far as my Metsies – they’re the most confusing team to date. Which is saying a lot because the Mets are constantly both winning and losing when they shouldnt for years now. I suppose I should have been prepared for this. But they had NO BUSINESS sweeping the Cubs. None. Zip. I expected the polar opposite. I really expect a sweep or 3 out of 4 for the Cubs and to see the Mets like 10 back by the time they play the Nats later this week. Instead they rattle off 4 straight, in eerily similar fashion to the NLCS, and are now sitting 4 back despite the winning streak coming to an end last night against the Marlins. They are in the exact same boat as last year – now 34-7 when scoring 4 runs or more. That was the name of the game in 2015, its the name of the game this year, and will probably be the name of the game as long as they have this pitching intact. Score 4 runs and you’ll probably win because chances are the opposition aint scoring more than that very often.