Hotel Pulls A LOL Prank On Guests By Having Employees Storm The Hotel With Fake Guns While Dressed As ISIS

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Express- Hotel staff charged into a restaurant at the First Choice Holiday Village Alithon in Cyprus wearing dark clothes and brandishing toy firearms. The prank came mere two days after the Istanbul airport terror attack where 45 people were killed and just four days after the first anniversary of the Tunisian beach attack which left left 38 people dead – including 30 Britons. Furious holidayer Bernard Heald, from Bolton, was present at the time of the prank. The 66-year-old posted online: “Not happy, men bursting into dining room firing guns and frightening people. It was in real bad taste after the events at Ataturk airport and shootings at other resorts. “Been coming here as a family for the past four years but will be seriously considering going elsewhere in future. Totally disgusted, could have given someone a heart attack.” Mother Michelle Hendy is meant to be staying at the resort with her son, but is considering changing hotels. She told the Sun: “My son is 12 and is well aware of the news and bombings. “It’s taken us years to get him to fly as he’s so scared. Recent events have made this worse.





Classic prank. Just classic. This is right up there with whoopee cushion and wrapping someone’s car in saran wrap. You get a bunch of people to dress up as the world’s scariest terrorist group who are known for their lone wolf attacks all over the world, storm a hotel restaurant with guns and you’ve got belly laughs for the entire family. And by belly laughs I of course mean tears and heart attacks and pleas for their lives and the lives of their children to be spared. Who is the comedic genius who thought of such a hilarious prank? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough when their trial starts and the hotel is sued into oblivion by traumatized guests. This would be like you and your friends deciding to TP a house and one friend being like, “Yeah we could do that. OR we could light the house on fire and pretend we’re trying to kill everybody inside LOL.” It’s just taking it a littttttttle too far.