Kaley Cuoco Gets Internet-Crushed For Letting Her Dog Sit On The American Flag On The 4th of July

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Daily CallerPeople are furious at Kaley Cuoco for the “disrespectful” way she treated the American flag over the holiday weekend.

Though the 30-year-old actress meant to thank a dog boarding facility when she posted a photo of her three dogs sitting on an American flag on Instagram, she infuriated hundreds who noticed the flag was on the ground.

Some comments, via Fishwrapper:

Why the f–k is your dog running its a–hole on the f–king flag?!?! I get that your trying to act patriotic but this is definitely in VERY bad taste!!!

That is not a towel. I believe in the right to burn the flag in protest as long as it is in context, that’s why so many gave their lives, for freedom. But this is not that, this is simply disrespectful. That’s a flag. A symbol of what people have sacrificed.

That flag needs to be burned now.

Big fan and I know you didn’t mean any disrespect but very disappointed that this pic is still up.

I thought you love your country but this ain’t love if you disrespect it’s flag by keeping it down on the ground … let me remind you that lot of blood was sacrificed just to keep the flag high … If you have lil bit of respect for it you should not only remove this picture but also apologize to the people whose feeling must have got hurt.

A reasonable person would say “my dogs look cute but having that flag there could cause a misunderstanding, I should take it down” Do the right thing, please. You can put up lots of other pictures of your dogs looking cute.

Lots of folks are saying that the flag in question is a towel, but from our unprofessional opinion, it definitely doesn’t look like a flag.

Ok, stupid move by Kaley. Obviously disrespectful and huuuge no-no when it comes to the American flag, everyone knows that. And on July 4th no less. People fight and die for that flag and it deserves a hell of a lot more respect than letting your dog put his asshole on it. Think she deserved to catch some heat for this then pull it down (which she did) and put out an apology.

But let’s just say there are a lot more pressing issues that people could be paying attention to and using their anger on, things that are a lot more important to the country and the flag than a B-list celebrity’s Instagram fuck up. I mean over the weekend you had one candidate for President meeting with the freaking FBI for 3.5 hours…the other candidate tweeted a meme from an anti-Semitic hate account…and the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter for a few hours yesterday afternoon was #AmericaWasNeverGreat (I know because I kept checking to see how #LetTheBigCatEat was doing and we couldn’t top that one).

Social media users commemorated Independence Day by starting an “#AmericaWasNeverGreat” hashtag on Twitter.

The hashtag began trending the morning of the patriotic holiday, when users like Angie Whistler tweeted:

“#AmericaWasNeverGreat because we refuse to accept and learn from the mistakes we made, instead we just cover them up with privilege.”

“unless you were a white man #AmericaWasNeverGreat,” chimed in user “Mulatt(h)o(e).”

“#AmericaWasNeverGreat b/c the KKK is making a comeback in 2016 but the FBI mastered a plan to disband and assassinate the black panthers,” said Jamilla Garcia in a post. [Washington Times]

Just saying, lot of things going on that are worth spending your anger points on over the dogs of the star of the Big Bang Theory.



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