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Reader Email - Textbook Firework Launch

Reader Email

Hey guys! We thought you might like this video of our July 4 shenanigans gone wrong. My brilliant friend Brian didn’t know that the fireworks sticks were supposed to be in the ground and not at the end of your arm. No one was harmed in the making of this video, except the hairless dog lost his last hair. If this doesn’t give you hope for the future I don’t know what will.

Saturday’s are for the boys but Sunday’s are for botched fireworks.



Mad respect to Kate here. Cleary this kid lost his hand or an arm or something. You don’t just have a firework explode in your face and not get injured. But I’m not sure she could send it in he lost a limb. It’s not nearly as funny. So she just made up a white lie and said his hair got burned off and that was it. Ok wink, wink…..