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You'll Never Believe This But Sean Avery Is Still An Asshole


Sean Avery used to play hockey professionally. He didn’t do it very well, but it’s a thing that he did before. What he was known best for were moments like this…


And this…


And mostly this…

Unfortunately for Avery, he’s not good enough to continue being a cock sucker in the NHL and hasn’t played since 2011. So he now has to take his talents to Snapchat where he manages to be even more unbearable than the girls who take over the Barstool account. Here he is asking homeless people for the time because LOL so funny and whacky and zany of him.

Now to be fair, I think that Sean Avery is actually doing these people a bit of a service. I mean, maybe if they knew what time it was they wouldn’t be homeless in the first place. Not knowing whether it’s 9 in the morning or 4:30 in the afternoon is probably a major reason why these people don’t have jobs. However, it’s still a dick move coming from one of the Master Dicks himself. On the 4th of July no less. But I guess you can’t expect anything less coming from Sean Avery. The man is a clown. And for someone who loves to dish it out, he can’t take it back for shit.


I don’t even remember what I said to the guy but I’m sure that he has more people blocked on Twitter than he has goals scored in the NHL.

h/t Blackburn