Bryce Wasn't Allowed To Use This Super-Patriotic Bat On July 4th Because The MLB Hates Fun

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How does baseball just not get it? Wake up MLB! Having your star player use a bat like that on July 4th can only lead to good things. Furthermore, allowing players to add a little flare, a little personality to the game can only help. What if players could use a different design every game? Or had a signature bat design, at the very least? People would tune in to see the bats. Fans would buy replica bats. The cash would pile up to the ceiling. But nope. The grumpy old man named MLB hates fun and hates change. Hates new eyeballs on the product, but we already knew that. God forbid you tweet a home run, BANNED. Wake up MLB! Wake up!

PS: Remember last year’s bat and how he hit a HR on July 4th with it?


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C’mon MLB! C’mon! Wake up!

Make Baseball Fun Again

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