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Vin Scully Was Dropping Some Knowledge On The Declaration Of Independence Last Night

Soak it in, America. I’ve written before about how I’d want to know when I’m experiencing my last of something in regards to Vin Scully, like his last walk-off call or his last Dodgers victory, etc. Well, this, I know for sure, will be my last Declaration of Independence lesson given to me by Vin Scully on the Fourth of July, and It. Was. E-LECTRIC.

He broke it down in a way that I could totally appreciate. I love fun facts. Yeah, I would be interested to know that only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. I would’ve guessed John Hancock, but you would’ve had me on Charles Thomson. Then, out of nowhere, Big Vin goes mean, median, mode on my ass and tells me that the average age of the signers was 45, and that the youngest was 27. I’m 27. I can barely fill out and sign my own checks, never mind declare independence on behalf of a new country. So, kudos to Thomas Lynch Jr. for that. I just looked it up, and his dad was sick, so that’s why somebody so young signed the Declaration of Independence.

That’s so America it hurts. We’ve been calling out sick for important shit literally since day one. I love it.