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Al Gore's Daughter Arrested In Boston This Week For Doing A Sit-In Protest Like A Crazy Person

The Daily CallerThe daughter of former Vice President Al Gore and 22 other environmentalists were arrested Wednesday during a protest of a Boston pipeline.

Karenna Gore was apparently part of an environmentalist protest which attempted to block construction of a pipeline by lying in a trench. She faces charges of disturbing the peace, trespassing and resisting arrest, and is set to be called before a court Friday.



Who the hell would go to jail over a sit in? Who would lead their protesting followers straight the slammer? Who would think something so stupid would actually affect the change they seek? A crazy person, that’s who. A crazy person.

At least we’ve got another American feel-good story heading into Fourth of July weekend. With the interns getting fired for whining about interning and now the former Vice President’s daughter getting arrested for disturbing the peace with a bunch of full-time protesters, maybe Donald Trump is onto something. Maybe he really is Making America Great Again. I’m not counting my chickens yet but definitely feels good to see a couple steps in the right direction.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everybody. Lots of reasons to be a proud American.