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Andrew Ladd Is A New York Islander

Isles fans have been clamoring for a big name on JT’s side for years now, and with both the Stamkos and Hall [pipe]dreams getting crushed earlier in the week Ladd was the biggest name Garth could get to fill the role, and get he did.

I put on my journalist cap and tapped into my hockey #sources [I texted Chief] and the scoop on Ladd is that he’s the goalscorer the Isles have been looking for. Guy will put up a good 25 goals a year [make it 30 because, Tavares] and is a good presence in the lockerroom when you factor in his #KnowHow and #Leadership, something the Isles will miss with Okposo, Frans, and Martin all signing elsewhere.

At 30 years old a 7 year term isn’t the most ideal of situations but factor in an AAV of $5.5M and its a deal I can live with. Tavares to Ladd is going to be a beautiful, beautiful thing my friend.

Bottom line is: JT has his top-flight winger, only problem is he just lost his other top-flight winger.