Adnan From Serial Granted A New Trial

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Wild man. Absolutely wild. This dude is gonna get out of prison because of a podcast. I cant even see what the State would bring in the new trial. Obviously there is no new evidence. Jay has already perjured himself with his timeline testimony. The cell phone evidence was proven to be inaccurate. I mean basically the entire case was Jay Wilds testimony and I’d imagine thats what will be thrown out for the re-trial, so what could the State even possibly present? They legit have absolutely nothing for this second time around. Dude is basically a free man.

I would imagine they have to try to do something though? Just so they dont set a bad precedent or have too much egg on their face. I think they need to take a page out of the Manitowoc Police Department and straight up plant some evidence on Adnan if they want any shot at making that conviction stick.

Wonder what Sarah Koenig is thinking right now. Her big old nuts are probably tripling in size as we speak. Cant imagine how cocky you get after digging up a 15 year old murder case and doing what a slew of defense lawyers couldnt do. As just a regular person on the radio, no less. Its like when Mike Francesa convinced the Mets to trade for Mike Piazza. Incredible what you can do when you get millions of people listening to you. If this case doesnt become a national sensation I dont think a retrial is ever granted. (Thats me putting on my Internet Lawyer Hat) I bet the first thing shes gonna do is have sex with Adnan. You know she wants to.

Lets just hope that dude is not really a murderer! That would stink.

PS – If I’m Adnan I’d end up right back in prison, this time for actually murdering someone. I’m heading right to Jay Wilds house with a gun in hand.