U.S. Airstrikes Destroy 175-Vehicle ISIS Convoy, Kill As Many As 250 Terrorists!

CNNCoalition airstrikes targeted two ISIS convoys leaving Falluja over two days, destroying about 175 vehicles carrying militants out of the city, the spokesman for the U.S. coalition said Thursday.

Col. Chris Garver said Iraqi security forces destroyed other vehicles.
Garver didn’t say how many ISIS militants were killed, but Iraqi officials said dozens died. A U.S. official said the destroyed vehicles could have carried as many as 250 ISIS fighters.




Look I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. Far too often we have to hear about ISIS’ attacks. About ISIS shooting people or blowing people up. Amidst all the sensationalized media coverage of these incidents, we easily forget that every day, every minute, every second, thousands and thousands of good guys — from the U.S. to the dozens of other countries fighting alongside us — are studying, grinding, training, and working tirelessly to fight back. To stop the bad guys. To kill them. To exterminate them. To dominate them.

This right here is an excellent reminder of that. 175 vehicles?? 250 terrorists?? Love it. LOVE. That shit doesn’t just happen over night. That’s intelligence on the ground. That’s money spent. That’s operations painstakingly planned and professionally executed. Fuck ISIS and god bless every single military man and woman on this earth fighting for the good guys. Fourth of July weekend is upon us and that’s a thing singlehandedly because thousands of Uncle Sam’s heroes have selflessly done this shit for two and a half centuries.

God bless our troops and hit me with heroes and dogs! Hit me now!