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Golfer Daniel Berger Just Hit One Tee Shot, Withdrew From The Tourney, And Collected $50,500



Awesome. What a week for Daniel Berger. Heads up to Akron, books a nice house for the week, checks out the beautiful scenery.


Then Thursday hops out of bed around 11:30, walks up to the first tee, hits one shot, collects 50 g’s. Smell ya later.

Love how rattled all the dorks are.


You’re really mad at this savage? This beauty of a man who just won his first Tour event a few weeks ago?


Hi Mrs. Berger, aka Tori Slater.




Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.29.26 PM

Great week from the kid. Snake it til you make it. Go rest that shoulder and we’ll see you in Scotland in a few weeks. I’m a UK expert now so have Tori hit me up if you have any questions.