Big Time Well Wishes To This Rookie PA Cop Who Got Shot 7 Times And Has A Massive Delco Chest Tat


NSFWish full pic of Officer Dorman recovering in the hospital

NBC – A police officer in a small Delaware County borough survived seven gunshots Friday morning from an alleged drug dealer who was on parole, police in Pennsylvania said. The 25-year-old Folcroft Borough officer, identified as Chris Dorman, was shot in the neck, face and shoulder around 9:45 a.m. in the rear of an apartment building on Elmwood Avenue, according to Delaware County officials. He was, “Up and talking, awake and talking, so that’s great,” said Folcroft Fire chief Tom Weber who told NBC10 he’s known officer Dorman for ten years. Dorman also serves as a volunteer firefighter, something he’s been doing since he was 16-years-old.

First off, glad to hear Officer Dorman is going to make a full recovery after getting shot 7(!!!) times by some low life scumbag. That’s some 50 Cent survival shit right there. And here is the time I usually rail into Delco for being, well, Delco. Not today, ladies and gentleman. See, this man exemplifies one of (possibly the only) greatest aspects of the land of Delco, and that is straight up guts. The toughness that comes out of Delco is second to none across this great nation of ours. From kids participating in CYO sports to the old coots hanging out at the dive bars/VFW, you don’t want to mess with a Delconian. They have too much pride and tough in them. Granted, pride/toughness can very easily be confused with batshit/drunk, but the results are the same. A Delco will never back down from a fight, and that includes Officer Dorman here. Shit, I’d say that even if he wasn’t wearing a bullet proof vest that Delco tat would’ve stopped any bullet that hit his chest. You never mess with Delco, unless of course you’re making fun of them in which most of the time they’re too drunk to know what’s going on, anyways.