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Subway Rider Gets Up And Outperforms One Of The Showtime Dancers

Big week for NYC Subway Blogs. BIG week. We got the dude with the “I Make the Rules Because I Have The Dick” shirt. We got the disgusting naked woman grinding on the floor. We got the dude who shoved poop down a woman’s pants, which didnt happen on the subway, but that poop menace definitely went underground after.

And now we have another staple of the subway – SHOWTIME! For those of you who dont know, these dudes yell SHOWTIME, play some music and breakdance on the subway for money. Pole dance like goddam strippers. They are not the disgusting homeless derelicts but they are almost worse. They are more annoying. You know what I dont need to worry about with the homeless, legless dude who scoots around on a skateboard begging for change? A flying karate kick to the fucking face. I dont have to worry about a grown man hitting me with a Swanton Bomb. The goddam worst.

So thats why, as much as I hate these shenanigans in general, that dude at the 1:07 mark stepping up to the streets and serving this dude a facial was fantastic. Because theres no coming back from that. When a regular civilian beats a card carrying member of the Showtime Union, you cant recover. He needs to have his subway breakdance license revoked. Thats like when I beat Tiko Texas in a rap battle even though I’m not a rapper. You got fucking served, man. Take your panhandling homeless act elsewhere because you aint shit.

And you both can go count your blessings that this dude:

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.29.57 AM

Didnt murder them both. One day its gonna happen. One day a Showtime dancer will be murdered in cold blood and it will be fantastic.