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Reader Email - I Just Designed The Perfect Crest For Barstool Sports



Reader Email

For Pres,

Here you go, not going to lie, I think this may be the most impressive thing I ever did. Had a flight to Los Angels and left my earphones somewhere cause I am only slightly smarter than the average bear, and needed something to do. So here is your stupid crest I somehow wasted the last few hours working on (I honestly do have better things to do).

A few notes

1. Using the arrow for Alaska is top 30 idea I ever came up with, if you disagree I dont like you anymore
2. I realize that KFC never does anything fun, so I used the image of him as a jester at the festival, and it turned out to look like the nun cersi is torturing, but for some reason I am ok with that
3. Yes, that is harambe in the bottom right corner
4. I didnt do this, but put drawings of your dogs on there

A thing I learned about myself
1. Big Cat is starting to creep into my top 5 friends, which would be very tough to explain to a shrink without being diagnosed with something that would require medication. I may have to stop listening to the rundown everyday (don’t take a break, its part of my daily routine and there is NO sports on. If you dont have sports material, just play pictionary or some shit, I don’t care (KFC can take a five if he needs to)).

So anyways, get one of your barstool artist people to fix it up so it looks like a professional did it. You can pay me by setting up a round of golf with Renner and my golf crew (Or Keegan, actually, yeah, make it Keegan).

(btw, I don’t know why, but please keep this anonymous).



Ok little background. Yesterday I tweeted out that I want a crest for Barstool Sports. Some super bougy design that drips money, power, prestige and royalty. A bunch of Stoolies sent shit in. Some better than others.





And then we have this guy. First things first. I will not keep this reader email anonymous. You can’t send an email and then tell me not to share it. That’s not how it works. Second of all I can’t tell if I’m being trolled? You’re telling me you spent hours working on this drawing? HOURS? Like I was expecting this thing to knock my socks off when I opened it. Well it did but for all the wrong reasons. I mean the build up this guy had for this design only to see a pile of crap? Literally amazing.