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Fists, Chairs, and Tacos Go Flying In This Good Ol' Fashioned Food Fight


FB – Restaurant fights are hardly an odd occurrence, but this fight was probably one of the nastiest ever recorded. The massive brawl took place June 25 at Taqueria El Paisano in Dallas, Texas, as not one chair in the joint was safe. By the end of the melee, there were chairs scattered all over the place, bodies on the ground and a bunch of dudes puffing their chests out, looking for more trouble.



If you’re going to get in a food fight, you might as well get your money’s worth. No sense on wasting a food fight and just doing some light shoving and throwing enchiladas at each other. You have to give the max effort. You have to make it worth your while. And these folks did just that. That was a food fight to end all food fight. That was Mankind taking 11 chair shots from the Rock at the ’99 Royal Rumble. I’m surprised nobody spilled a bucket of tacks on the ground and hit someone with a tombstone. Or maybe they did, wouldn’t shock me to be completely honest.

The thing about this fight that differentiates it from most other restaurant fights is these hombres were all in on it. Pretty much the entire restaurant got involved at some point. There were a few people laying low, but for the most part, this was an all hands on deck massacre. I think at one point a chef from the back came flying in with a Superman punch. The people immediately knew what side they were on and they got to work. It was kill or be killed. And if I know gang fights at Mexican restaurants the way I think I know gang fights at Mexican restaurants, this one ain’t over. A sequel is coming. Stay tuned.