Syndergaard Puts Adam Rubin In A Casket, Buries Him 6 Feet Deep

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.15.31 PMAdam Rubin Is The Biggest Crybaby In Baseball Part 1 – Crying that people were using his spring training photos on Twitter

Adam Rubin Is The Biggest Crybaby In Baseball Part 2 – Crying because Noah Syndergaard didnt tell him about his bone spurs


I dont know if you can recover from that one. When you’re a beat reporter and your job is to gain the trust of these guys and be likable to the point that you’re in that inner circle and you got players giving you boxes of tissues because you’re a crybaby, I really dont think you can bounce back from that. Thor went out of his way to go get a box of tissues to intentionally clown the dude. Thats ether. Thats Wildfire blowing up your entire career.

Forever known as the Crybaby. Good luck shaking that reputation.