Did People Know Jon Taffer Invented The NFL Sunday Ticket?


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“A highlight was when I sat on the Board of the NFL for three years and am credited as “inventing” the NFL’s Sunday Ticket broadcast subscription product, and lots of other stuff, always keeping busy.”


Classic Taffer. Oh no big deal I just invented the best thing in the entire world that lets everyone watch every NFL game at the bar, but you wouldn’t know because I’m so fucking humble that I never tell anyone.


Seriously, what the hell can’t Taffer do? Like remember the Chuck Norris Memes 5 years ago? That’s basically Jon Taffer’s life. He invented NFL Sunday Ticket. That was him. Outside of fire and the wheel that is the greatest invention known to man and he created it. That’s his. Fucking Taffer. What a legend.




All white linen at your wedding just screams “I anal chicks for a living”

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Double PS

This is Taffer’s second best invention. 4 is the Nightclub Hall of Fame (Taffer is also an inductee) 3 Is the Butt Funnel  2 is this and 1 Is the Taffer Freeze Out where he puts an ice cold towel on a chick’s neck to break up a cat fight.


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