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Wimbledon Line Judge Tries To Get Some Fist Bumps And Is Unanimously Denied Cause It's Wimbledon



That dude is soooooooooo fucking fired. He might be in a body bag actually. Every trace of that guy has now vanished. No record of him even existing. Why? Cause nobody messes with Wimbledon and gets away with it. It’s a traditional place with traditional values where they wear all white and those values for sure do not include fist bumps. That’d be like going up to Billy Payne at Augusta, pretending to reach out to shake his hand and then dabbing right in his stupid old face. Hilarious? Maybe but people have been killed for way less. I don’t pretend to know much about Wimbledon but I know for a fact that fist bumps are not cool at Wimbledon. You’re not at a frat house bud. This is the big leagues.


Flip side, t’s impossible for me to turn down a fist bump and I can’t believe all those people did. See a fist, bump it. See a fist, bump it. That’s how my brain works. I couldn’t turn down a fist bump if I wanted to. It’s an unconscious reaction.