Johnny Manziel Wears A Josh Gordon Jersey To Mexico, Shouts Out His Dad

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Sometimes a guy just needs to get away and clear his head. Sometimes a guy got fired from his job, can’t find a new one, is unemployed, is embroiled in an assault case, has family members calling him a druggie, has friends saying he’s about to die any minute, has his lawyer texting the AP he’s a druggie. If that’s not enough for a well-needed vacation well then I don’t know what is.

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Savage shoutout to the old man too.

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And for everyone overreacting, I’m sure that Cabo house is stocked full of playbooks and gym equipment and coconut waters and self-improvement books. Can’t judge everything just by what you see on Instagram.

S/O @travisscott cuz…ITS LIT per usual

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This was weird. Suh dude.

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