Another Day, Another Lingerie Football Coach Losing His Shit On The Gridiron

Don’t say a word, hun. Just take it in like a woman, go out on the next play, and fuck that bitch up like you’re told. You don’t go against the words/advice from a poor man’s Warren Sapp who gets heated over coaching Lingerie Football. Anyone who gets that fired up over chippy’s running around almost in the nude is a man you don’t want to trifle with. If anything, that was a rather tame example of apeshit from a LFL coach. He could’ve went wayyyyyy more over the top and nobody would’ve batted an eye. Well, at least his colleagues around the league wouldn’t have cared.

Run refs. Run. Gary Clark, a former Pro-Bowler has unlimited amounts of testosterone that needs to be let loose since retiring in the ’90’s. Those officiating whistles were been promoted to rape whistles after he followed those refs into the locker room.

And then there’s Seattle Mist’s finest. Don’t be around when Mount Michaelson erupts. I’d rather be know as stupid or retarded than dead.