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Tony Hawk Fighting To Pull Off a 900 At 48 Years Old Is Incredible Shit


Woah. I did not foresee this video getting dark like that. Some of those spills were dangerously hard. And keep in mind this is a 48 year old man. My 27 year old knees creak when I walk up the stairs, Tony Hawk is 48 and doing tricks that people half his age can’t pull off…and falling hard in between. I can’t imagine how his joints are feeling after years of crashes like that. But all for the love of the game. And what a fight to pull off the 900. He first did it 17 years ago, launched one of the best video game franchises in between, and now did it one last time for the world. You know once he decided he was going to do a 900, he was going to be on that half-pipe until sundown if he needed to. But he did it, his last 900 ever. He might not be able to get out of bed for the next week, but he pulled off a 900 at 48 years old, totally worth it.