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Wake Up With Troy Tulowitzki Getting A Standing Ovation In His First At-Bat At Coors Field Since Being Traded To Toronto

Colorado Rockies versus the Toronto Blue Jays

Pretty cool moment here, which I’m sure Troy Tulowitzki appreciated a lot. What he didn’t appreciate, though, was being traded in the first place. Here’s what he said after he was dealt to the Toronto Blue Jays last July:

“I felt like I got blindsided a bit. I thought I was in the loop, in the conversation,” Tulowitzki told The Denver Post on Tuesday afternoon. “So it definitely caught me by surprise. I was shocked, and it caught me off guard. I think maybe I was a little naive to think I would be so connected to the [trade] process.”

“They told me they would keep [me] in the loop, and that if anything got serious, they would talk to me about it,” Tulowitzki told the Post. “So, to get pulled out of the game in the ninth inning and be told I was traded, I was shocked.”

In parts of 10 seasons with the Colorado Rockies, Tulo hit .299 with an .885 OPS. Since joining the Blue Jays last summer, he’s hitting .228 with a .716 OPS. Since Tulo joined the Blue Jays on July 29, 2015, there are 156 players who have at least 400 plate appearances in the MLB. Tulowitzki ranks 149th in batting average, and 125th in OPS. He also ranks 125th in strikeouts per plate appearance (23.5%).

So what you’re saying is that he’s sucked since the Blue Jays traded for him?