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The Icelandic Haka Is The Most Intimidating Thing Ever





Iceland just had a huge upset in the Euro 2016 because England sucks at everything, particularly international soccer, but this was my favorite part. I thought it was the Icelandic national anthem, I’ve since been informed that it’s the Icelandic haka, but it is a ten out of ten. If that’s not the most viking shit ever then I don’t know what is. I haven’t had goosebumps like this watching TV since around 10 o’clock last night when everyone chanted “THE KING OF THE NORTH” at Jon Snow. Just A fucking plus. I know it’s just a video but I still keep looking out my window waiting for Leif Erikson to come and rape and pillage my house. Wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the country comes in on ships tonight and just takes England as their own or at the very least murders a Beatle. You’re Iceland’s now, England. Deal with it.



PS – I thought Ian Darke was going to march down from the booth and fight all the players on England. Dude was straight up disgusted. I believe at one point he said something to the tune of “they’re overpaid, overhyped, and over here.”




PPS – If you’re wondering just how far apart these teams are: one coach makes 4.6 million, the other has a side job.



Guess they love their dentist coaches.


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