Lucas Giolito To Make His Major League Debut Tomorrow Night

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.01.37 PM

At long last, Lucas Giolito, the Nats first round pick in the 2012 draft, will make his MLB debut tomorrow night against Matt Harvey and the Mets in DC. Gio is currently the number 5 ranked prospect by Baseball America, and the top RHP and has been carving up the minors as he has awaited his callup to the big leagues.

Along with SS Trea Turner, Giolito is expected to be in a Nats jersey for the next decade. We’ve seen glimpses of what Trea can do in his limited time in DC, and now we get to see young Lucas finally take the mound in Nats Park. The buzz is reminiscent of Stephen Strasburg’s “Strasmas”, as they are both young, home grown pitching talents that we anxiously had to wait to see. And it’s Strasburg’s start that Gio is pitching for, as Stras hit the DL over the weekend. And just as the cherry on top, Matt Harvey and his 4.64, unable to use the bathroom properly ERA is pitching for the Mets.

PS: Maybe keep young Gio up even when Stras is back and send old Gio to the pen. Gio Gonzalez stinks on ice right now and is burning through the bullpen every time he has a start.

PS: Someone get a hardwire to Dusty’s ear and don’t let Lucas throw 150 pitches tomorrow night. Thanks.