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Kyrie Irving Wearing Shoes In The Pool Is Outrageous (Update: I Guess There Are Some Boobs In This Video Too)





This video is going viral today for the same reason the last Kyrie video went viral: he only parties with white girls. But despite how black twitter feels about Kyrie’s lack of chocolate, that’s not what jumps out at me. To me, the condemnable part is the shoes, presumably water shoes, that he’s loafing around in.



Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.33.23 PM


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.36.48 PM




I know “t-shirt at the pool” guy gets a lot of hate but water shoes guy at the resort pool is a million times crazier. Where do you even find these things in adult sizes? I’ve exclusively seen them on toddlers at the beach so they don’t burn their feet in the sand. An adult wearing them at the pool? I’ve never heard of such craziness. Put on a pair of flip flops, wear them to the pool, get drunk and forget your flip flops at the pool. That’s how normal adults do vacation, Kyrie. However I’m pretty sure black people hate being barefoot, that’s why they have “house shoes,” so maybe this is Kyrie’s way of staying true to himself while exclusively sleeping with white girls.



Update: I didn’t even notice the chick who’s going tits out in the background. That’s how much Kyrie’s shoes bothered me, they overshadowed boobs.