This Student Driver Who Completely Ran Over His Teacher I Have To Assume Will Not Be Passing Driver's Ed


WARNING: It’s a little graphic so, you know, don’t watch if you’re squeamish on people getting squashed


Hmm yeah I’m going to assume that would be at least a couple points off on the driver’s road test. It seems like vehicular manslaughter would result an automatic failure but maybe if you only cripple someone you can still pass if you double checked your mirrors thoroughly and REALLY nailed the K turn? Hard to say without viewing the grade book. But all I know is honestly I’m shocked this doesn’t happen more often. One time when I was in driver’s ed I was backing up to parallel park and winged another car’s mirror. Knowing that generally the rule of thumb was to leave a note or something, I asked my teacher what we should do and his response was “It looks good, just go just go.” And this was at a relatively buttoned up private school, I have to imagine most other driver’s ed situations could get way more out of hand with even less institutional control. I’m shocked with all the fight videos and general disrespect for teachers that we don’t get a video a week of some kid flooring it and Wile E Coyote pancaking people both accidentally and deliberately. Real potential weak spot in the educational viral video system.


Also for whatever points this kid lost for running over another human being, he probably got a few back for that speedy and efficient getaway from the scene. In fact he may still be roaming the open roads with a Capri Sun in his hand and the student driver emblem on his car, unable to go back home out of fear of facing justice. Basically the plots of Kung Fu, Knight Rider, and Saved by the Bell merged together in an orgy of 80s syndicated TV goodness. Don’t tell me that couldn’t thrive as a Hulu show in 2016. Even this teacher with his newfound wacky waving inflatable tube man limbs would tune in.