Surprise, Surprise: A South-Asian Airliner Caught On Fire Yesterday

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The GuardianA plane carrying 241 people has caught fire as it made an emergency landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport…

…No one was injured aboard the Boeing 777-300ER but the 222 passengers and 19 crew had to wait on board for several agonising minutes while emergency services sped over to the plane and doused it with water and foam.




Look I’m typically not prone to generalizing entire regions. Just not my thing. I give everyone a chance and try to look at things as rationally and fair as possible. But facts are facts. You can’t ignore them. You can’t ignore history.

The entire South-Asian region of planet earth does not know how to fly. That’s just a fact. If you fly in that region you are saying, I literally do not care about my personal health. Take me as I am, almighty god, for I have no reason to live.

Malaysia Flight 370 — Disappeared in South Indian Ocean, March 2014
Malaysia Flight 17 — Shot down over Ukraine, July 2014
Air Asia 8501 — Crashed in Indonesia islands, December 2014
Transasia Flight 235 — Crashes into Taiwan River, February 2015
Trigana Flight 257 — Crashes in Indonesia, August 2015
Singapore Airlines SQ368 — Burst into flames after emergency landing, June 2016

No, it’s not surprising that this plane caught on fire. It’s barely even news. It’s surprising that it landed safely and everyone skated unharmed. Shocking. Talk about divine intervention.

The most crucial takeaway from this story? Don’t count your chickens:

Passengers on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ368 from Changi Airport to Milan said they clapped as the jet made what appeared to be a smooth emergency landing. But seconds later, the right engine and wing were ablaze, with flames engulfing the right side of the jet.
Not so fast brave travelers. Think you’re safe on the runway? Think you’ll clap for surviving an emergency landing? Nope, your plane literally bursts into flames. That’s karma, and we’re in the right place for it. What more proof do you need that the South-Asian aviation gods don’t like cocky passengers? Or passengers at all? This time they were let off easy; next time they’ll be 5 miles deep on the Indian Ocean floor and have no one to blame but themselves.