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James Harrison May Legitimately Kill Roger Goodell If The Commish Has The Balls To Show Up At His House

TBL – James Harrison was among the players identified in an Al-Jazeera report in December, the same one that famously implicated Peyton Manning. Harrison, along with fellow NFL players Clay Matthews, Mike Neal, and Julius Peppers were referenced by Charles Sly in secretly recorded videos in regard to also having received treatments at the Guyer Clinic in Indianapolis. Sly later recanted his accounts, though we found out that this was after Peyton Manning’s investigators had tracked him down and determined he was the source of the statements. Sly didn’t know he was being recorded, and there is a genuine question as to whether he–never having chosen to publicly come forward himself–was telling the truth when he didn’t know others were watching, or when he was trying to kill the story. The NFL had not questioned those implicated for several months, but finally sent inquiries to set up interviews. Harrison took to Instagram to post his response:

Run, Rodg. Run. Forget about taking this bait and walking straight into the lion’s den. It’s time to take off in the exact opposite direction of James Harrison and never look back. The batshit, sauced up LB has never had to deal with the bully because, like Heisenberg, he is the one who fucking knocks. And you can’t bully a bully, especially one with as much hate in his heart than the Steelers LB. How much did Goodell fine James Harrison in his prime? A billion dollars? Granted, the NFL Thoroughbred probably blew out more knees and brains than anyone else who stepped on the field. But still. The man suplexed better than Hulk Hogan in his prime and is trying to lure Goodell into his house for a nice sparring session.

Or maybe he wants to get The Commissioner alone in a room for other reasons. You do not want to be on the wrong end of James Harrison’s dick.

I don’t know exactly what notorious madman James Harrison is doing and, quite frankly, I don’t want to know. If this monstrosity can repeatedly pelvic thrust 528 pounds then I’m staying clear of him and his superhero dick of at least 100 miles. That Dark Knight can, and will end lives. Cover up, Commish