Two Little Kids Put On a 5 Star WWE Match In Their Living Room


Oh my! Oh my! What a match! Brings back memories of putting on wrestling matches back in like 5th grade on my friend’s trampoline. We’d bring out the boombox for entry music and hit all sorts of high flying moves on the trampoline. Simpler times, man.


And these little bros left it all out on the line in their parent’s living room. The John Cena wannabe did not let his little brother get a single moment of offense in at all, except when he was hit with a stunner out of nowhere. A perfect stunner, by the way. Textbook. Lesser tykes would have lost the match right there and gone straight for the juice boxes and orange slices, but not Johnny Jorts. Got that shoulder up and continued his assault on his little brother. And lil bro did a great job of selling the entire time. What a worker. He could have easily been fed up and no-selled, but he’s a showman’s showman. Took Cena’s 5 moves of doom, took a bulldog, and took some really awesome flippy thing that made me jump out of my seat before being nailed with the AA and STF.


Now, little bro in the yellow shorts, he gave a strong, strong performance. That’s part of being the little brother, gotta take your beatings. Sucks that he was booked to tap out though, makes his character look weak, but when you’re facing Lil’ John before nap time, that’s what happens. He’ll probably bring this up at the next family meeting, but he knows he was the real star of the match, and you can’t teach that.


h/t JJ