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A High School Kid Took Another Dude's Best Shot, Talked Shit, Then Manhandled Him In A Fight Performance Of The Year


When I’m scouting for fighters in my internet video travels, I look for a few things: 1) Hands more impressive than I expect; I want guys using violence to transcend their place in the world, not just living up to it 2) Quality shit talk or at least some strong physical charisma, willing to take McGregor or Tyson types 3) And a little heart, maybe some grit, but overall I want a guy or girl to show me they’ve got that will to be great in the internet fight game. And the white kid in this video passed all of those tests with flying colors from where I stand. I mean he basically hulked up on this kid like a pre-n bomb and sex tape lawsuit Hulk Hogan:




And the panic he got out of the kid in the jersey after completely no selling that punch was hilarious:




That was a “Hey did any teachers happen to catch that and feel like intervening right now even if it means I’m getting suspended?” side glance from Tyler the Creator here if I’ve ever seen one, hard to pull a kid’s punk card any harder than that. Overall the white boy seems like a fucking PROBLEM with a whole lot of repressed anger inside those unflattering skinny jeans and, while that might be an issue later on in life, for now I can’t applaud this young man firmly in Barstool’s 15-24 demographics enough for directing that rage into a true Internet Fight Of The Year contender. Bravo.