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Game of Thrones Season Finale Preview Podcast With Guest Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports

Tonight is the Game of Thrones season 6 finale, and everyone is gearing up for the conclusion to one of the more spectacular seasons of television in recent memory. Most Game of Thrones seasons, Episode 9 is the one where things get really wavy and most of the craziness happens, but with many loose ends still this season, the plot lines progressing as fast and urgently as they have been recently, and the fact this episode is an extra 10 minutes long, I expect fireworks tonight.


So it seemed appropriate to do a pregame podcast for it, instead of the normal postshow one we’ve been running. Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports 1 and his new show, Speak For Yourself with Colin Cowherd (it’s on Twitter @SFY) joined me and KFC, and we talked about what we thought of this season overall, high and low points of the season, our favorite story acs, what storylines we’re most looking forward to, where Thrones ranka all-time in the pantheon of television and predictions for this episode. It was great; good Thrones talk and got pretty funny at the end too, take a listen.


Also, we’re doing a live podcast after the episode tonight at 10:30 ET. If you want to listen live (it will also be posted on the recap blog tomorrow), follow me on Twitter @CharlieWisco and at 10:30 I’m going to tweet out a live link from ZCast, and me, Clem and Trent will be recapping what we just saw. There’s also a live chat feature so you can ask us questions and talk to us during it. See y’all then.