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I Loved Bo Burnham's Fake Country Song In His New Special





I watched Bo’s new special, Make Happy, on Netflix the other night and have been meaning to post this. The special as a whole was great, though I admit Bo Burnham definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s a very unique style of comedy show and I understand if some people don’t like it.


This song, however? Outstanding. Everyone with ears knows that country is the very definition of pandering. It’s like a white version of rap where everyone sings about being low class and tilling the field/selling crack but we all know it’s just a fucking lie. Thought Bo did a great job reprising his role as Chip McCapp from Parks and Rec for this parody and the song actually kinda bangs. It’s funny and all, very funny, but I’ve got no problem whatsoever just listening to this.


Know what the best part is, though? I don’t give a fuckkkkkkk how much country panders. I’m sitting outside right now and rocking out to country. Stadium country music is basically the Fast and the Furious. I know it’s not real, I know it’s not exactly art, but goddamn if it doesn’t just hit the spot on a nice sunny day with a beer in my hand. Summer is strictly country season for this guy, pander away.



PS  – “I’ve got a good grip on my demo’s balls. Say the word truck, they jizz in their overalls.”


is a gold line.