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MMA Fighter Sprays Piss In His Opponent's Face At The Weigh In



There’s getting in your opponent’s head by shit talking at the weigh in and then there’s bottling up your own piss so you can spray it in his face at the weigh in. That’s next-level mind games. That’s pre-meditated. That guy had to get a bottle, work up enough piss to fill said bottle, bring it to the weigh in and have it handed to him at the right moment. That’s diabolical. The guy on the right isn’t gonna be able to think about anything other than the fact that he got urine sprayed in his face. He won’t be able to think strategy or focus on what he needs to do to win the fight. All the way leading up to the fight he’s gonna be in disbelief. As he lays in bed at night he’s gonna be wondering if he washed all of another man’s piss off his face. That’s psychological warfare. They might as well not even fight. It’s already over. Guy on the left won.


By the way, the guy on right really needs to work on his shit talking skills. When he got called a piece of shit and came back with “You smell like shit, you eat shit!”, that’s a bad sign. That’s like getting called stupid and coming back with, “Yeah, well, you’re even stupider!” Gotta have something better than that. Then again, there’s really no coming back from basically having a guy whip his dick out and piss on your face.