Philly Man Who's Been Getting His Balls Air Dried By Vents For Years Is Going Super Viral, Need To Know His Endgame


Only Marilyn Monroe looked better. So the reddit nerds are going apeshit over this dude. Why? I don’t know. And I thought I didn’t care, that is until I’ve come across this man’s sheer dedication to standing over a single vent on 13th and Locust and airing his entire existence out. Here he is a few weeks back.


Here he stands at his spot ON GOOGLE FUCKING MAPS:


When you’re sniped airing your junk out while going TOFTB by the Google Maps mobile, you know it’s not just a one time thing. This guy’s been living his dream for years. DECADES. Look at this pic snapped a allegedly 20 years ago:


And that’s it. I NEED to know his endgame. Pretty sure it concludes around some mental disability and a GoFundMe pity account to where he’ll make more money in a day airing his nuts than I will in a decade, but to each there own. The only thing more incredible than this man going full Monroe on a stinky subway grate is the public’s fascination with him. THERE’S CURRENTLY A MOTHERFUCKING LIVE STREAM OF 13TH AND LOCUST:

Can’t hate the hustle. Dry on, old coot. Dry on.

h/t Andrew and Schwartz