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Man Celebrates The Cavs Title By Eating Fresh Poop Right Off The Street (Not Safe For Eyes)


Is that…is that what happens when your town wins a championship? People just start eating poop right off the street? No wonder Cleveland went 52 years without winning anything. They just can’t handle it. You’re supposed to get drunk, climb stop lights, go around shirtless for a week without changing clothes, things like that. Nowhere in the “you broke a 52 year championship draught” handbook is there a chapter about eating fresh poop and going back for more. I guess in his defense, if you want to come into the spinzone with me, it’s only once in a lifetime a Cleveland team wins a ring. So maybe it’s only once in a lifetime you have an excuse to eat green poop? That’s the best spinzone I’ve got. Here’s to another 52 years for Cleveland.