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Jr. B Box Lacrosse Fight Is Yet Another Example Of Why Box Lacrosse Needs To Take Off In America

Lacrosse is quite possibly the most polarizing sport in America. People either love it, they hate it, or they think that it’s okay. There’s no in between. Now for those who love the game, obviously I don’t need to sell what’s already been sold. But for those who aren’t completely sold on lacrosse yet, a major concern is that the game tends to slow down once the ball gets settled on offense. Without a shot clock in college lacrosse and without anybody giving a shit about the MLL, it goes from the fastest game on 2 feet to a screeching half pretty quickly. Which is why if lacrosse is ever going to take off as a major sport in America, it’s going to be box lacrosse that leads the way. Smaller playing surface leads to the game being more run-and-gun than outdoor lacrosse. And then it’s just a bunch of crazy Canadians and Indians running around trying to kill each other with essentially no rules. At all levels. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bunch of little kids or the pros. It’s a reckless abandon and you get nothing but big time hits, non-stop brawls and some pretty filthy goals. It’s organized chaos at it’s finest which is really all you can ask for as a spectator.

Anyone who has ever been to a Philadelphia Wings game or any NLL game knows that the atmosphere is electric. Those games breed alcoholics. If you’re going to a box lacrosse game, you’re guaranteed a few things. 1) You’re going to get wasted, 2) you’re going to see quite a few fights, 3) chances are you might even see some old lady’s titties. There’s nothing to not love about that. And as much as I wish field lacrosse could take off, it’s about that time for Americans to start focusing their attention on the box. And yes, that is most definitely what she said.

h/t Nick