Darren Rovell Flipped Tires With JJ Watt Today And I'm Officially The Loneliest Boy On Earth



Well this sucks. Here I am sitting at a computer in Chicago while my 2 best buds flip tires and hunt greatness down in Houston. Not a phone call, not a text, not a DM, nothing. Just hop on the internet this morning and realize I’m Steven Glansberg, sitting with all my friends. You know how much this hurts? Do people get it? JJ and D Money are out there Hunting Greatness without me. I love to Hunt Greatness. Number 2 favorite thing to Hunt.


1. Deer

2. Greatness

3. Nazis on Call of Duty for Xbox 360


So yeah, I’m hurt, real hurt. Thanks a lot jerks, thought we were tight. Thought we were a crew. Guess I’m back to square 1, Hunt Friendship.


With that said, so proud of D for getting that tire up, what a best.





Damn, JJ just inspired me to hunt greatness again.


Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.27.17 AM