Article Says That Iowa's Favorite Type Of Meat Is Loose Meat And They're A Billion Percent Correct


Loose meat
A loose meat sandwich is like a hamburger, except that instead of being formed into a patty, the ground beef is scattered all over the place like a big handful of wet sand. It is the only sandwich served at Taylor’s Maid-Rite, an Iowa institution.

Iowa is also the country’s leading producer of corn, about a third of which goes to feed livestock, including cattle. How appropriate that Iowa produces both the corn that makes beef tender and marbled and this elegant and dignified use of that beef.

Here’s the article.

Nailed it.  Fucking nailed it.  Well done guys.  Good work all around.  Normally I hate these these types of articles.  The ones where they try to figure out each state’s favorite beverage or favorite cereal or favorite beer or favorite porn and place them all together on a map.  The people who put the articles together usually have no idea what the hell they’re talking about and end up wrongfully representing just about every state.  Well that’s not the case here.  Not in the slightest.  Loose meat sandwiches are the best sandwiches in the world and Iowa loves them wholeheartedly.  I would use loose meat sandwiches for pillows if it were socially acceptable.  Just nuzzle my face right into the loosened meat, fall asleep and head off to the dream world.  If that sounded sexual then so be it.  Maybe it was.  I’d have unprotected sex with a loose meat sandwich.  Huh?  Anyway.  Do they have Maid Rite’s in other places that aren’t Iowa?  If not, sucks to be you.  The place only sells those sandwiches and it’s still stays open because people don’t want anything else.  Stuff is food for the Gods.  I’ll take a loose meat sandwich with cheese and a Coke over just about any meal that’s out there.  No joke.

PS- I don’t appreciate the writers of the article calling the ground beef “a big handful of wet sand”.  Like Steve Carell in 40 Year Old Virgin that sounds like a person who hasn’t actually handled a loose meat sandwich.  Yeah, it’s a little harder to contain than say your average burger but it’s well worth it and definitely not like a handful of wet sand.

Double PS- California having tofu listed as their favorite “meat” is so California it hurts.

h/t tyler