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I Call Bullshit On This Hispanic Lady From Texas Who Had Jaw Surgery And Came Out The Other Side With A British Accent



A couple things. First, I’m crying laughing right now. Something about a Hispanic lady from Texas coming out the other side of jaw surgery with a British accent really hit me in the funny bone. Tears of laughter streaming down my face. There’s a chance my neighbors call the cops on me for being disorderly. Second, this is total bullshit, right? It has to be. This isn’t possible. If she had brain surgery, maybe. The brain doesn’t make any sense so I feel like a surgeon could accidentally hit his elbow on a light switch up there and you’d start talking like Peaky Blinders. But jaw surgery? No way. It makes zero sense. Do they even put you completely under for jaw surgery? Alright they probably do but that still doesn’t explain why she now has a British accent as a lady from Texas. Also, she should count her lucky stars it’s 2016 and not 1616 or they’d burn her for being a witch.


PS- All I can think about is how funny it would’ve been if Kanye West came out of his jaw surgery with a British accent.